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Mombasa, the Most Popular of the Kenya Beaches PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 11 August 2008 06:00


Mombasa is undisputedly, Kenya's premier tourist destination and there are several justifiable reasons for this.

Kenya Beaches

The coastal city boasts some of the softest and whitest Kenya beaches, which are themselves fabled as the finest in Africa.

These powdery beaches are complemented by gorgeous coral reefs and shoals of multicolored fish which inhabit the warm, turquoise Indian Ocean waters and are particularly abundant in the Mombasa Marine Park. In this sense therefore, the coastal city is a ideal for snorkeling, wing surfing and scuba and skin diving.

Mombasa is, from a tourist's perspective divided into the 2; the South Coast and the North Coast. The South Coast largely consists of the secluded Diani and Tiwi beaches while the more visited North Coast comprises the Nyali, Bamburi and Shanzu beaches.

But this tropical paradise isn't just for beach lovers and ocean sport enthusiasts...

Other Tourist Attractions

Mombasa, which is the second largest of the Kenya cities and East Africa's largest sea port, is steeped in history. The notable symbols of the city's ancient status are the five-centuries-old Kongo Mosque, mysterious ruins of Swahili settlements, Old Town and the twin giant tusks that dramatically herald your entry into the city.

However, Fort Jesus is the most fascinating of the city's man-made attractions. An architectural masterpiece completed in the sixteenth century, it was the site of numerous gruesome battles between the Portuguese and Omani Arabs.

Remarkably, this Portuguese fortress in Kenya has largely been preserved intact and the cannons that were used to ward off invaders, ammunition stores, torture rooms, slave-holding cells, church and wells are all still easily recognizable.

Nature enthusiasts are not left our either. Mamba Crocodile Farm which breeds thousands of crocodiles and Heller Park, a natural trail which sits on a rehabilitated cement quarry are located in the North Coast and worth checking out.

In addition, the heavily forested Shimba Hills National Park - which is home to refreshing water falls, scores of African elephants, the elusive leopards, Masai giraffes and the rare Sable antelope, Jadini Forest and the 2 Tsavo national parks, which are renowned for their red elephants and the notorious man-eating lions of a bygone era, are all within driving distance.

With the city's magnificent weather and so much to see and do, it is little wonder that dozens of world class hotels, resorts and cottages cater for a range of tourists on a Mombasa vacation.

And if you tire of hotel food, you can try out the city's restaurants, many of which offer great food, particularly fresh sea fish, crab and lobster as well as some extraordinary dining experiences.

Mombasa Holiday Packages

Obviously, a holiday package is your best bet for exploring this tropical paradise. Holiday packages typically include air flights, half-board or full board hotel accommodation, airport transfers and if you so specify, car hire.

Packages don't just work out cheaper, they also save you the hassle of arranging accommodation or airport transfers in a foreign city.

Please let us know which of the holiday packages below suits your budget and interests and we will firm it up for you.


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