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Tuesday, 12 August 2008 16:50

Coast Safaris
Indian ocean coast of Kenya - This is one of the most popular tourist destination along Kenya's coastal border. It is situated in the famous Mombasa town and adjacent to towns such at Malindi, Lamu and others. It is here that you can engage in various watersports such as water polo, wind surfing, water-skiing and snorkeling. Beach Safaris to the coast are a sheer delight. You also get an opportunity to tour the coastal town of Mombasa..  Also known as beach safaris, these are the most popular and highly treasured of the many Kenya expeditions.

Nairobi Safaris and Travel
Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya. While here, tours to various places of interest such as the National Museum, giraffe park, the animal orphanage, the snake park, and the ostrich farm can be arranged. These are just but afew of the places you should make a point of visiting.  And of course, you must eat out - , try out the 'Carnivore Experience' at the Carnivore Hotel. The only dining of it's kind in Africa!

Seasonal Tours and Safaris
Travel statistics indicate that some seasons are more preferable than others. Kenya has a wide variety of climatic conditions although there are no great extremes. The temperature remains comfortably warm year-round except for a month or two when it can get very cold - though nothing compared to Winter! Much of Kenya experiences heavy rainfall from March through May and, to a lesser extent, from October through December. The best season for most outdoor acitivities like safaris and mountain climbing is during the dry season (June-September).  This is the most ideal time to travel to Kenya.


The Masai Mara has a strong but vulnerable eco system with thousands of tourists annually visiting the reserve , putting pressure on the environment. Conservation in the Mara is of paramount importance, and has been targetted at preservation of the wildlife and environment.


Amboseli is famous for its unforgettable views of Kilimanjaro, and a relaxed abundant population of elephants as well as prolific bird life Afternoon game drive.

One of the world's largest craters containing prolific wildlife. It is a 20-km wide volcanic crater with 600m walls, packed with just about every species of wildlife to be found in East Africa. The crater floor has been compared to Noah's Ark and the Garden of Eden. Animals seen are: lion, Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo, Wildebeest, Thomson gazelle, Zebra, Reedbuck and Flamingos in Lake Magadi - the Soda Lake on the floor of the crater. This is a favored spot for wildlife and the local Masai tribespeople because there is permanent water and grassland on the crater floor. You can visit Ngorongoro crater any time of the year, though the months of April and May are extremely wet.

Lake Manyara is a fresh Water Lake in the Rift valley part of Tanzania. This park is generallyvisited as the first stop of safari, which covers among this park, Ngorongoro and Serengeti. Animals seen are hippos, elephant, and birds such as the greater and lesser flamingos, wildebeest, giraffe, baboon, and the famous tree-climbing lions. A village market also exist selling mainly fabrics and crafts.


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