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What Is The Climate Like?

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Being equatorial, East Africa has fairly constant temperature year round with rains historically coming in April/ May and November/ December, although this has varied over the last few years. The coastal areas are reverse with dry summer and wet winters. Inland areas have relatively low humidity and temperature drops as altitudes climb, while Coastal areas are usually hot and humid.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Africa ?

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Africa is a year round destination, with a comfortable climate and an excellent game viewing through out the year. The wildebeest migration is the most famous wildlife spectacle that occurs any time from May to October (north ward) and from December to February (south ward) but wildlife is still found in great concentration year round.

Africa -Is It Safe?

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Travel to any destination involves some risk and the countries featured by Zaira Tours and Travel Company Limited is not immune to problems from time to time. However, with more than eight years of experience in Africa and our policy of using only the finest accommodation and transportation mean that we reduce the potential risk. Safety is always our first priority at Zaira Tours and Travel Company Limited and will never compromise any guest, our staff or equipment for the sake of operating to a schedule.

Will my rental car be safe for me and my family ?

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Rental cars from Zaira Tours and Travels are maintained regularly, serviced every 5,000km and safety items such as tyres, lights, brakes, etc are checked before every hire!
Strict government imposed certificate of fitness checks are undertaken every 6 months on all vehicles

Could my rental car breakdown? (***more needed***)

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At Zaira Tour and Travels we are very proud of our low breakdown record (less than 1% of rentals experience any type of breakdown). Our fleet vehicles are extremely reliable due to the regular servicing and maintenance programs.
While unlikely, if a breakdown were to occur during a hire, we would send you to the nearest service garage (or we'll send them to you if necessary).

Why Zaira Tours?

We are commited to helping you enjoy the vast wildlife, the many sunny beaches, the different people groups all add up to a worthwhile investment and a luxury not found in many places

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